The Geological Research Authority of Sudan, the right technical for the Ministry of Minerals  has dispatched  a geological team  from Geological Engineering Sector at its second stage   to study and determine sites of building Materials and Ornamental Stones   in Khartoum State.

Dr. Nagemeldeen Dawoud, the Under secretary of the Ministry and Mr. Jamal Alfatih , the Acting Director of the  Geological Research Authority of Sudan along with a number of  directors of General directorates  bid farewell to the  technical team which included all the  experts of Geological Engineering.

The Head of the technical team, the Geologist, Mr. Mohamed Gismallah, said the studies of the team would cover three axes in Khartoum state adding that the team took all the  structural maps of Khartoum State and former studies executed by GRAS.


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